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In 2003, Lance Armstrong was a very hot hero. And behind him there is Nike who is his sponsor . Nike want to find a way to utilize Lence’s fame . That’s the root cause  livestrong bracelets born !



Who Is the livestrong bracelets man ?




In October 1996, however, Armstrong had been diagnosed with testicular cancer. Armstrong was given a 65 to 85 percent chance of survival. When doctors found tumors on his brain, however, his odds of survival dropped to 50-50, and then to 40 percent. But he surprised everyone by returning to cycling. Armstrong was back in top form to claim his record-breaking sixth Tour win in 2004. He won five individual stages, finishing a comfortable six minutes and 19 seconds ahead of Germany’s Andreas Kloden. Coming back from cancer he had won the Tour de France five times in a row and inspired millions of people.Lance helped people to believe that if he can come back from cancer they could overcome challenges and livestrong.



NIKE harness all the attention Lance was getting by livestrong bracelets

Scott MacEachern from NIKE try to figure out the best way to harness all the attention Lance was getting . MacEachern wanted to capitalize on this enthusiasm . He want to celebrate Lance’s attempt at a record sixth Tour de France victory and also recognized Lance’s achievements . He want to hold this event to raise funds for LIVESTRONG Foundation .


MacEachern came up with is the livestrong bracelets idea

One of ideas MacEachern came up with is the livestrong wristbands idea . It was considered “stupid” by the foundation at the first time . Even Armstrong was incredulous,saying,”what are we going to do with the 4.9million that we don’t sell?”

Then MacEachern made a seemingly innocuous decision that have a big impact on the success . He made the livestrong bracelets yellow. Yellow stand for life and is an observability perspective .The visibility make the WRISTBANDS a huge success . Nike did sell 5 million bands .

Why livestrong bracelets succeeded for marketing ?


The livestrong bracelets made Lance’s spirit visible and rememberable . It’s behavioral residue that Jonah Berger write in this book – Contagious Why Things Catch On . Behavioral residue is the physical traces or remnants that most actions or behaviors leave in their wake .  Livestrong wristbands provide insight into who people are and what they like .


Conclusion of livestrong bracelets

Giveaways like silicone wristbands, fabric wristbands ,keychain , T-shirt and mugs provide behavioral residue for marketing . They make your brand and company culture visible and awareness.

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